Roma-Man City Betting tips

Today is the last day of the group stage in Champions League, group E and G are still open and here it’s uncertain who’ll take the second place. In group E we find CSKA, Man City and Roma all on five points, so all three teams can grab the last spot. CSKA play away to Bayern Munich, and even though Munich already have won the group, they shouldn’t have any problems beating CSKA home at Allianz Arena. That means the main contenders in this group is Roma and Man City who clash in Rome. If we assume CSKA will lose in Munich, Roma will advance if they win or with a goalless draw, and City will take the second place with a win or a non goalless draw.

It’s very hard to predict the outcome of the game in Rome, so we decide to take a chance and go for a high odds which we think have a decent chance of going in.

Roma are small favorites to win this game, and as long as they don’t concede a goal they’ll advance, so they’ll obviously play very defensive and focus on the clean sheet, something we know italian teams are good at when playing at home (we’ll have to exclude the Munich game). City will do everything they can to score, but the absence of Aguero is very crucial for them, and we think it could cost them the victory here. Without Aguero they’re not the same threat forward, which the game home vs Everton this weekend showed. Silva is still injured and Toure is suspended, so with the three main threats injured we think Roma has a decent chance to keep a clean sheet here, and that the game will end with less than 1.5 goals gives us the odds 4.15, and we think it has a decent chance of going in so that’s our bet for this game!

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