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Here at the Serie A Tips part of BBT, the focus will be on our Serie A predictions and betting tips. The Italian Serie A is one of the great football leagues in Europe, even though it has lost some of its status in the last few years as the national economy has plunged. This has made it harder for the Italian clubs to sign the biggest stars since they can´t compete with the salaries of the biggest clubs in the other top leagues. The upside to this is that many Italian clubs lets the young talents take bigger responsibility and develop while playing more games. So even though Serie A is not the top league in Europe right now, there is still some great football played in the league and the game has evolved in a good way. This is something that we witness when the Italian national team compete in the big tournaments. Since the Italian Serie A still is one of the top leagues there are plenty of betting markets for all the games played. This means that lots of Serie A tips will end up in our betting blog. We at BBT start by scouting the teams before a game, then we check the available odds before deciding if they are playable. If we find a odds that seems a bit too high, we will then place the game on the site as a Serie A tips. The market that we choose can be anything from the regular winner market to a asian handicap bet or even a total goals bet etc. The important thing is that the odds that the bookmakers offer are higher than what we believe is correct.

Since football predictions and football betting tips are the biggest part of BBT, we have given the biggest leagues its own page. So, feel free to check out the rest of the top leagues for the latest game predictions for each league; Football PredictionsPremier League Tips La Liga TipsBundesliga Tips. Each page has a link to the latest betting tips in that football league. Here at the Serie A Tips page, a link will take you to the latest betting tips in Serie A.

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