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The Spanish La Liga is obviously one of the top leagues and we wll frequently post new La Liga tips in our Betting Blog. La Liga is often accused of being uneven and therefore uninteresting as Real Madrid and Barcelona is totally superior year after year. But in all honesty, we could say that about almost all the major leagues since it´s often up to two teams to fight for the title season after season. If we take a look at the European Cups there are always Spanish teams far along in both the Champions League and the Europa League. So, even the teams behind Real Madrid and Barcelona holds really good class in Europe. The passing skills and the technique of the players in La Liga are of absolute top class. A popular league like La Liga has a huge selection of markets in the online gaming sites which means that we will post lots of La Liga tips during the season. As usual we scout the teams before a game by checking the form and conditions of the teams to find the best odds available. What we are looking for are odds that we believe are set a bit too high by the bookmakers, thus making it a playable odds. When the two top dogs that are Barcelona and Real Madrid are involved, it´s hard to find playable odds on a regular win bet which often brings us to the handicap market. A handicap bet means that one of the teams will start the game with one or several goals down and must win the game with more goals than the handicap line is for the team. We usually go for the hcp market when Real Madrid and Barcelona plays since the games often end in big wins for these two teams when facing the less talented teams in the league. With that said, there are often more than 100 different markets on the games in La Liga so there are often great La Liga tips to be found. When we have posted a La Liga tips in our betting blog, it will appear in a link below that takes you to the las betting tips available.

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