Cross-Country skiing from Davos!

This weekend its time for some more Cross-Country skiing when the Cross Country World Cup is visiting Davos in Switzerland. Last weekend was a huge success for us at bestbetstoday, and we managed to be right in all seven Head to Head games (!). After reading up un all conditions we now have some new bets for this weekend!

Our first pick is in the women’s 10km Classic, where we pick Charlotte Kalla as winner over Justyna Kowalczyk in another Head to Head bet. Kalla has looked strong lately and has beaten her polish opponent several times on this distance, and we fancy her chances of doing it here again. The odds 8/5 (2.60) is to good to resist and is played!

In the men’s 15 km Classic we find two favorites in the Head to Head games, and we combine them and play them as a multiple to get a decent odds. The first one is that Martin Johnsrud Sundby is going to beat Dario Cologna, and the second that Iivo Niskanen is going to beat Sami Jauhojaervi. Sundby and Niskanen are stronger skiers than their opponents here, and the tough courses in Davos should fit them very well. They both give us the odds 5/14 (1.35) as winners, when we play them both in a multiple we get the odds 21/25 (1.84)

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